In a world full of options, the secret to living well is getting the balance right. More of what’s good for you and less of what isn’t. But in this crazy world where water can cost more than soft drink, shopping well and eating well can be challenging. And the advice people get from media, academics, cooking programs, dieticians, friends and family can be really confusing.

Born from a belief

We believe that living well, eating well and making good food, beverage and body-care choices shouldn’t be difficult. More-Or-Less® is here to help you make those choices. More-Or-Less® products contain more of the stuff we all need in our life and less of the other stuff we don’t. But we’re not into stopping people from enjoying themselves. Our products are designed to be enjoyed, taste great, look great and do the job intended for them.

We believe that nature knows best.

So when you purchase one of our products the first thing you’ll notice is that we avoid chemicals and wherever possible make the most of what nature provides and keep the processed stuff to a minimum.

Our goal is to create a brand where people everywhere have easy access to good products and good information. Food, beverage and body care products that contains more of the ingredients that we need and less (or none) of the ingredients we don’t need.

We’re going to create a community of like-minded people (suppliers, retailers and customers) who want to eat, drink and live better and they can be confident that More-Or-Less® providers have done their homework and sourced, designed and made products that meet that brief.

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More Plants. Less Plant.

At More-Or-Less® we believe that quality skincare should come from nature’s plants and seeds. Not factory-made chemicals. Because your skin absorbs what goes onto it, making good skincare choices is very important for health and wellness. So products should be as natural as possible.

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