We believe that living well, eating well and making good food, beverage and skincare choices shouldn’t be difficult.

More-Or-Less® is here to help people make those choices.

We live by some pretty simple truths.

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  1. Nature knows best

    Wherever possible, learn from nature, draw from nature. If it has to be made by scientists then look very carefully at what it is and what’s been done to it.

  2. Sugar is a treat

    We all love it, but we don’t need very much of it. Modern foods have way too much sugar and it’s just not necessary. We use a lot of fruit and vegetables and so some sugar is going to be in our foods naturally. Flavour is important but there are lots of ways to enhance flavour without going overboard on sugar.

  3. Time and tradition are great teachers

    We all love to learn new things. But a lot of the great truths about food, drink, wellness, longevity etc have been known in some cultures for a very long time. So we try to incorporate that knowledge when we design products.

  4. Variety matters

    Wherever possible we try to incorporate variety. In that way your body is getting a range of good inputs and not too much of any one thing. We also feel better when we eat a diverse range of proteins, vegetables, nuts, grains, fruit and other foods.

  5. Be open to learning

    We’re really interested in the published studies, the research, the discoveries of what works and what doesn’t. We read a lot and so are always a little suspicious of fads. For every study that promotes something as the new fountain of youth, another study will equally persuasively discount it. But we keep an open mind. So we do use stevia. At least until something better comes along.

  6. Good fats and oils can be good for you

    Fats and oils are not the enemy. But they can pile on the calories so we are careful about what fats and in what quantities and combinations. Coconut, Olive, Avocado oil, pure butter are our preferred fats. But you have to source them right and treat them right.  We never use hydrogenated oils. No way.

  7. Over-cooking is a sin

    A lot of foods and food compounds are best eaten raw, heated or only partially cooked. Over-cooking damages the structures of the compounds and at best reduces the goodness, at worst turns it into something that is bad for you. So we’re really careful with ingredients like honey, olive oil, nuts, milk which should never be burnt.

  8. Minimise processes

    Processing foods changes them. Sometimes for better, often not. It’s important to understand what those processes do to your food or beverages.

  9. Where food comes from is important

    Different cultures care about different things. And that is reflected in how they grow, handle, process and eat their foods. In some countries the farmers rely heavily on sprays and fertilisers. And that is reflected in the food. The oceans and lakes are healthier in some areas than others. And that is reflected in the food. Some soils are rich and healthy and some are depleted. The source of foods is important.

  10. The food you grow, harvest and cook with your own hands is best

    If it comes from a packet it just won’t be as good as something you grew and made yourself and ate fresh. But we realise that it isn’t practical for everyone these days to always live that way so we’ll do our best to be a good second choice for you and your family.

  11. Eating well is a product of good planning and good shopping

    It’s too easy to pop into a shop, fast food restaurant or café and grab something. And you really don’t know what is in that product. What grains are in the bread? What oils were used? How much sugar? How good a quality is the protein? How many calories or kilojoules. So to eat well you need to stock your pantry, fridge or garden with good quality foods that you can easily put together to make nutritious, satisfying, tasty meals.

Incorporating the simple truths, we look at various categories and ask ourselves how we could produce an alternative that would incorporate more of what you need and reduce or eliminate the other stuff you don’t. And then we look for a supplier who shares our sense of purpose and is willing to work with us to make that alternative.

People who believe what we believe. Products that enhance your way of living without adding unnecessary weight. Products that draw from the best of both natural and human knowledge. 

About More-or-Less

More-Or-Less® is owned by Essential Life Health Group Limited. A privately owned New Zealand company. We’re a small business with a small range of products but we’re working hard to expand that range to give you lots of better choices.

When you use More-Or-Less® products you can be confident that we’ve done our best to help you and support you with your body care, weight or wellness goals.

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